• Laura O'Toole

Flower Power: A Vintage Botanical-Inspired DIY Self Portrait Shoot

I've always loved vintage botanical illustrations, and their beautifully bright and colourful designs provided the inspiration for my most recent portrait shoot. Living so far away from my friends and family means that grabbing someone for an impromptu portrait shoot can be a bit tricky, so I decided to do the whole thing completely DIY, including using myself as the model! I found these beautiful illustrations online, and being royalty free I was able to download and print them out onto paper that I had tea-stained the day before. I made the flower crown using flowers from Morrisions, a bit of wire and some florist tape - easy peasy! Lighting was very simple - the whole set up was naturally lit by the bay window in my living room. Most of the photos below were taken using self timer with my camera set up on a tripod with a mirror propped up behind it, and some were just handheld selfie-style.

I absolutely loved spending my weekend getting creative and had so much fun taking what started as a vague vision in my head and bringing it to life. I hope you love the outcome!

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