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Hi there! I'm Laura. I am a Derbyshire Wedding Photographer and I'm mad about capturing couples in love. I'd define my photography as "rustic romantic". I live for the Jane Austen style windswept-on-a-hilltop kind of romance; the "till the seas gang dry" sort of love. It's the type of romance that flows through poetry and is remembered in your grandparent's wedding photos. That's the truly inspirational stuff and it's at the beating heart of my wedding photography.

Alongisde my wedding work I also provide portraits including family, baby and maternity photography in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. 

You should know that I am a country girl through and through, so if you're looking for a photographer who'll help you climb over walls in your wedding dress, venture through fields with you at sunset and wade into the sea just for that perfect shot, I am 100% your girl.

I'm a lover of cats and cosy weekends in. I am a folk singer, beachcomber and woodland wanderer. I live in an old house in the country along with my love, my cats and my extensive mug collection. We married as the October skies rained their blessings upon us. Like a pair of nomads we've lived allover, from the wilds of West Cornwall to the even wilder Whitby. I love the UK and the beautiful landscapes we have here. There's nothing that makes me feel more alive than the view of the glistening sea across the North Yorkshire Moors or the smell of the salty Cornish air.


My heritage is at the heart of my photography; the endless hills of heather and the hedgerows down a country lane; the weathered walls of a secret garden, the glowing firelight through a pub window and the sound of sea crashing on the shore....


These are the things that inspire me to create.

If you too have a love for honeysuckle hedgerows, rolling hills and furry cat babies then I'm positive that I'm the photographer for you.

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer.jpg
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